If you haven’t been on Formed.org for a while, the log in has slightly changed, and the website is laid out a little differently.

It’s even more user-friendly than before! Here are some helpers to navigate the new log in.

Whether you are new to Formed.org or not,

you must SIGN UP.

To sign UP

  • Go to Formed.org

  • hit white Sign Up button

  • belong to a parish or organization. hit I

                (bottom of the three buttons;  

                there are other options) type in St. Wendelin

                Church, Butler, PA (type St. Wendelin

                regardless of where you are registered)

  • hit Next

  • create a new account with your name and

                 email address

  • hit Sign Up

  • hit Start Watching

  • You are remembered.

       So, next time you log on, go to Sign In.

To sign IN:

  • Go to Formed.org

  • in the top right hand corner is Sign In - Click on that

  • enter the same email from Sign Up

  • you will get a log in email notification

  • go to your email for the link, hit Sign In Now

  • hit Start Watching

  • Every time thereafter, you will have to use the

                  SIGN IN protocol and you will get

                  an email every time to log in. The email

                  log in has replaced the need for

                  passwords or codes.