Pictures from St. Wendelin Parish Attendees at March for Life  - January 18, 2019
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Speaking up for the March   Read about the experience and insight of one young Parishioner

Dear Fellow Parishioners,
My name is Breanna Tomsey. I am a junior at Karns City High School, and an alumna of St. Wendelin Catholic School. As some of you may know, the 46th annual March for Life was January 18. However, maybe not all of you knew that. Yes, it was previewed in last week’s bulletin, and that may be why you even noticed it happened at all. I was at the March, as well as several members from the Youth Group and thousands of other youth about my age.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience for me, as people from all over joined together to peacefully express their love for the Lord, and to stop the murder of unborn children. The March and Rally consisted of so many people that it felt almost impossible to move. We felt as if we were at a standstill for a majority of the March. However, as I watched the news the next night, and scrolled through my social media, I witnessed no mention of the March or of the thousands of citizens who sacrificed their time and energy to promote the way of the Lord by supporting the elimination of aborting innocent unborn children. I witnessed the absence of a press story on the live presence of the Vice President, Mike Pence, and his lovely wife, Karen Pence, both of whom gave a speech at the Rally. The only story I did witness about the March was the controversial video of the high schooler and Native American speaker, as I’m sure many of you have also seen. No one may ever know the true story behind this video, but I believe the instant bias of the media to this incident is unfair to the students. The neglect of media from the March is unfair to the thousands of attendees. The silence of the historical moment of Donald Trump being the first president to ever video-acknowledge the March is unfair to his presidency. The absence of media reports that shed religion in a positive light is unfair to Christians just like us. I am writing to you today to represent the many thousands of Americans who attended the annual March, and to be a start of the change that calls upon the bias and neglect of the media for events that truly matter for the world. From witnessing first-hand the absence of media coverage for this popular and moving event, it forces me to lose faith in the coverage of media events, and makes me believe that the media is suffocating our opinions as Christians. Next year, when the annual March rolls around, I’d like for you all to take a moment to consider coming, or in the very least, to promote your faith by speaking out about the March to everyone you know. To join the thousands out there that are already supporting a ban against murdering unborn children, and finally break our silence by telling the media journalists that we will not be overlooked, we will not go away, and we will not let them destroy our faith.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
God Bless,
Breanna Tomsey

Breanna at the March For Life

in Washington D.C. on January 18, 2019.